Bricks and Stones surround her now.

Clay from the Earth calms her now.  

Clay and Water, a perfect mix.

They Form the Day.

Stacking the bricks.

Layer after layer, they are all displayed.  

The weight becomes heavy.

She is born. 

Sometimes it’s unbearable.

This weight, she wonders.

Is it charitable?

It’s worth it. It has to be.

No castle can be made without.

Foundations and Substratum.

Lay them, one by one.

It doesn’t affect her anymore.

By now she is accustomed.

Each brick that was thrown and given,

Hold the secrets of the ones who cast.  

They don’t know it. She does.

They help to build the walls higher.  

Solid. All held in place.

Stability, it’s what she craves.

Untouchable, protected by the bricks.

What am I? Who am I am? She would cry. 

Made up of all the pieces of brick.

She is Set in Stone.

Only she can understand the tone.  

Love, death, life, war.

Is this what we are living for?

Joy, hate, insults, and pain.

Experience. That’s it.

She is made of it all.

She is made of bricks.

This woman is built of bricks; she is standing tall. 

Now the ones who cast want to break down her wall. 

Rough yet smooth, she is made of it all. 

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