Broken Stained Glass

Someone set me free.
I just want to read. 
Stacks of books that sit by me, 
They tease. 

Someone set me free. 
I just want to paint. 
The need to create, 
The grip is so tight I feel I might faint. 

Someone set me free. 
It's getting hard to breathe. 
The purpose of this life 
Has to be more than modern-day slavery. 

I need to be free. 
I believe I will be free. 
Someday maybe on this earth, 
I will give birth - 

To my own free self. 
The only one who can free me is me. 
Simply because I can't rely on the health 
Or wealth 

Of other people who come and go. 
The ones that stick around just for show. 
None of its real. 
But how deeply I feel. 

The need to never kneel to anyone,
Only myself. 
It's me vs. Me.
I don't have the luxury 
Of family. 

I've never had a real one - whatever that means.  
They're all scattered about 
Like pieces 
of a broken stained glass window. 

Once it was pretty and well put together, 
I pity them all now 
Those broken pieces I've missed. 
Tried to put them back together. 

Well, they have missed me too. 
But only in ways that they will never 

Because I'm me 
I just need to be free. 
Released from the chains of the work 
Someone, please set me free. 

I'm calling out now. 
To a spirit, 
Or to my own self. 

I have to rely on solely

Yes, Soul-y 
Just set me free 
Someone set me free 
I just want to read 

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