Happy Birthday

The morning frost swept over the town. 
Bundled and layered she waddled down. 
It was the year of the blizzard, eight feet or more. 
They lived in the apartment above that old boutique store.
The one with the owner who said they were, 
The "perfect young Midwest couple".  

She greeted her mother as she plopped into the seat. 
If only her mother had known the trouble. 
Feeling the heat from the vents of the car, 
With a child in her womb, her Fortunate charm.

He stayed home that day, she had no objection. 
Her 21st year on this earth, they’d celebrate later that night.
He told her it would be special!  
With all the confections - chocolate or pineapple,
Whatever she’d like.  

It didn’t matter to her, as long as it happened.  
He stayed home that day just so he could plan it. 
Her surprise. And truly it’s one she’d never forget. 

She headed on the road to pick up used supplies 
For the baby that would soon arrive 
Being that they were dirt poor, 
she couldn’t do much more.  

Six months pregnant, turning twenty-one 
What a fabulous life, filled with magic and fun.  
She returned with a bassinet, toys, and 
The heaviest things. 

She waddled up the stairs 
And he wasn’t there. 

The neighbor helped her because, 
She shouldn’t be lifting much.
It’s a good thing he saw her, 
Or who knows what?  

A note left on the couch read, 
“I’ll be back later.” 
But he never came. 
Lying was his game.  
She sat in misery and shame - 
Alone with just a bassinet and name. 

Before she cried her way to sleep, 
Instead of counting sheep, 
She opened the money tin she had been saving in 
To prepare for their new baby. 

Her only one.  
It was all gone. 
Just like him. 

Happy Birthday to her,
She thanked him for this gift. 
An Unforgettable memory.
Now she is twenty-one.   

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