Would You?

Experiences, nature, Poetry, Thoughts
Would you sit with me 
Where everything is green 
Where the wind whispers to the trees 
Exactly what it means 
Where secrets are spoken by spirits
Among the scenery of the cosmos

Would you tell me all you want 
If you knew that I'd never tell anyone else
I'd keep it all to myself 
Let you bury the seeds 
of yourself within me 
And let it blossom and grow
like love should be 

Would you sit with me
through all of the seasons 
Even when the birds stop singing 
And everything turns black and white 
When the flowers die and the land withers
Into nothingness 
Would you be with me when nothings left?

Would you love me still 
When like the earth, I too, change 
When I'm older and wiser 
When I turn gray 

Would you always be there 
To water the garden 
And never give up when 
the earth starts to harden 

Can you promise me
that you will be strong? 
I'll sit with you forever no matter the weather
I can withstand any storm 
So, Let the thunder come 
So, Let the leaves falls 
And, Let the snow drop 
Let it, let it all...

As long as I have you 
Then you will have me


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