I will never be quiet. 

Not even when I'm dead. 

My words will live on forever. 

With every single letter, 

And every word 


Echoing in your head,  

With every single poem 

And every single story. 

I will never be quiet. 

My words will keep me alive 

With the same fury 

As when I was here. 

Year after year, 

My words will echo -  

That is what I do know. 

You won't be the last to tire of me. 

This passion of truth is lit by the fire in me. 

Mettles of lightning strike within,

Good luck burning it out, 

It's just who I am. 

You don't have a chance. 

You can try for 


For eternity, but  

Like those before me 

And those who come after 

You cannot silence us all. 

The struggles endured 

Were expected to be our downfall 


I will stand tall. 

Label me as you wish. 

I don't care. 

Being offensive has now become a gift. 

I take insults as compliments. 

Just please know that, 

I will never be silenced. 

I will never be quiet.