You Can’t Tame A Wolf

You can't tame a wolf.
Ghost wolf. 
It's below 50 outside. 
Four straight months of darkness,
Blanket of white and ice, 
Barely any light.
This is life.

Accustomed to the cold, 
Little warmth, 
It is freezing. 
The earth is bold. 
Arctic tundra, 
Glaciers breathing.

Blood drips down the jaw, 
Sharp fangs exposed. 
The air and the kill are raw. 
New harvest, 
Painting on the powder, 
Similar to an artist. 

You can't tame a wolf. 
You thought you could. 
Only a fool knows everything, 
You proclaimed you would. 
Layers of fur, 
The wolf howls on a bed of snow.

Frozen paws. 
Thick skin. 
Mind and heart empty, 
Like an open meadow. 

You can't tame a wolf, 
The only goal is survival. 
Apex predator, 
Hungry and primal.
Top of the food chain, 
It doesn't get better. 

Comical of you though, 
For being so cocky. 
Arrogance will trick you, 
And lead you to your death. 
You are a weak prey, 
Who still hasn't learned yet. 

You can't tame a wolf. 
Not now,
Not any day. 
You're the vulnerable one. 
Revealing yourself. 

The wolf waits. 
It watches. 
It smells, 
The scent of a coward. 
Don't get bit.
This is a warning. 

You can't tame a wolf. 
Keystone species. 
The wolf is not ordinary. 
It exceeds. 
Opportunity is what the wolf seeks. 

You can't tame a wolf,
When you make yourself an easy target. 
Do you even understand nature?
The wolf is guarded. 
Aware and alert. 

You can't tame a wolf. 
You are low, shallow.  
Not even part of the hierarchies. 
In a pack or alone, 
The wolf is territorial - 
Stay out of its zone. 

Blending in with its 
It's a good idea if you, 
Stop hounding. 
And sounding the 
Alarms of the world. 
Do not cry wolf. 
Unless you mean it. 

You can't tame a wolf! 
Not even dream it. 
Your power is lacking. 
When the wolf starts attacking. 
You won't even realize, 
Until it's too late. 

You can't tame a wolf.
Now you must suffer your fate. 

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