Blankets of Snowflakes

It's so damn hot outside. 
Not a drop of snow in sight. 
Blankets of snowflakes are just a memory. 
Jack Frost should have put up a better fight. 
Green grass in December. 
"All you need is a hoodie", kinda weather. 
Icicles are non-existent. 
Sweating now, I'm reminiscent. 
This is the first time in my Chicago life, 
That I haven't seen a white Christmas. 

This morning we woke up to no snow. This is the first time that I can really remember not having a “White Christmas”, in my entire life. Being from the mid-west, Chicago, IL specifically it is odd to say the least that we have woken up to spring like weather. It’s been warm the past few weeks, but this poem is just something that came to my mind as I took a walk outside this morning. I’ve never had such a warm Christmas day holiday before. It’s so rare. It makes me think of other holidays like Halloween for example, where we’d wish and wish for there to be no snow or rain on that day. Maybe our wishes got all mixed up in some sort of wish cyclone or hurricane, which has resulted in our wishes being granted today instead. Wishful thinking, perhaps because that is likely not the case despite my imagination being at play.

Happy Holidays to All

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