My Sympathy

If I'm going to be the bad guy for doing the right thing then please crown me as the absolute worst!!

I am the fucking Queen 
Of all the worst things. 

I did what I could to make things work. 
I failed, miserably. 

Even though you lied to me, 
I did my best throughout all the stress. 

The people watched and judged me, 
Just because of your words. 

They believed you and sided with you 
Which I still think is absurd. 

They always will, they swallow,
The delusions
Like a pill. 

Take a sip. Wash it down. 
I am the Queen who wears the crown. 

The crown of the absolute worst human beings on this planet.
I would say I can't stand it. 

But the truth is sometimes I like it. 
I've stopped trying to fight it. 

I accept my title with pride, 
Because through all the nights I cried 
And was left with my anxiety 

It is worth it to me
For the humans to leave me alone 
You think I care about my tone? 

And how it is directed at you? 
You deserve it. I am the Queen after all. 
You're the one who crowned me. 

With your lies and your words and the choices you made 
You tried to drown me. 

It didn't work. 
I swim too well. 
I always have and you know better now. 

They can believe your lies. 
I was only trying to do what was right. 
Protect the innocent and protect his life
Every day and every night.  

But you always made it a fight 
Labeled me the bad guy. 

I didn't want to see your face anymore 
You are nothing to me now, a cheap 
lying whore.

I exiled you
Far away from me 
I had the power to do it 
You crowned me.

You spread your foolishness 
Faster than a sickness 
Far and wide 
You are empty inside. 

I'm glad we are nothing alike. 
I spoke my truths 
And was put on a pike 
For it. 

You adored it 
But you can't kill me 
You still wish to feel me 
And that is what actually kills you. 

I am the Queen, the absolute worst. 
I wear the crown! 
You are just a jester in my court, 
to simply put it, a clown. 

So tell them what you will. 
It makes no difference to me. 
Just know that in this kingdom, 
Liars do not come into possession 
Of my sympathy.  



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