My Neighbors

To an untrained eye

When I open the blinds,

What one would see 

Appears to be a Christmas tree

From a distance. 

Luckily it's not. 

It's September 27th. 

The tree, dressed in a gown of 

Purple and orange 

Is the color of two 

of my tabby cats. 

I have 3,

Who I'm constantly yelling at. 

But not because I'm angry.

It's only because I'm mad-ly 

In love and infatuated 

With toe beans. 

I scream 

From the top of my lungs 

How much I love 

My furry babies. 

Everyone can hear me. 

There is fruit on the counter. 

It started to go bad. 

I donate it to the earth 

I try to give it back. 

The nourishment that she gives us. 

When I can't have it, 

I give it to her

I put it 

Into the planet. 

I'm the cat lady who also feeds the animals. 

I don't know what I look like to my neighbors, 

Who watch from across the way

But I promise my labor 

That looks weird and psychotic in nature 

Is done only out of good favor. 

So now we sit and laugh, 

About what they might think. 

They imagine and so do we. 

Stomach now hurts from laughing, 

We just live our lives so colorfully. 

Time is passing. 

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